Raising the standard
For the helicopter enthusiast interested in a homebuilt helicopter designed to high standards: the Aeros is one of the most superbly engineered single-place
helicopters you'll find. The plans manual offers page after page of fully detailed construction prints, photos and assembly instructions to guide the builder.
  Aeros in flight

A superb flyer—a well-tested design
Aeros on ground  
General: vertical take-offs and landings; hovering; forward, backward and sideward
flight. In the event of engine failure, the Aeros can autorotate to a safe landing.
Length: 18 ft.
Height: 7 ft.
Width: 5 ft.
Main rotor dia: 22 ft.
Main rotor chord: 8 in.
Main rotor rpm: 450
Disc loading: 2.5 lb/sq ft
Tail rotor dia.: 40 in.
Tail rotor chord: 3.5 in.
Tail rotor rpm: 3,200
Empty weight: 545 lbs.
Useful load: 355 lbs.

Speed (max): 85 mph
Range (max): 65 miles
Engine: Volkswagen
Horsepower: 95+
Power loading: 9 lbs/hp
Fuel capacity: 12 gal.
Fuel consumption: 4 gph
Altitude (max): 12,000 ft

This single-seat helicopter can be built in a well-equipped home shop. It features a bolt-together main frame and a standard helicopter control system: full collective with a twist-grip throttle, full cyclic and foot-operated tailrotor pedals. For low-cost and reliability, the drivetrain utiliizes a converted VW car engine and a primary belt drive that leads to a geared transmission with VW gears. The belt-driven tailrotor is high-mounted to minimize the rolling moment caused by tailrotor thrust. A number of weight-saving features have gone into the Aeros, including a simple, but attractive monocoque tailboom. The Aeros is licensed as an Experimental Aircraft.

As FREE special bonuses, your Aeros Construction Manual comes with
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The Homebuilt Helicopter Guidebook covers, with clear, illustrated explanations, how helicopters work, the various considerations that go into their design, main- and tailrotor aerodynamics, control-system operation, a glossary of terms, and much more!

Fully illustrated with photos and detailed specifications, the Guidebook presents various popular homebuilt designs. Also included is a section on mini jet helicopters and the engines that power them (ramjet and pulsejet), plus a list of sources of parts and materials to build the Aeros, or to build or restore most any other small helicopter. The list includes sources of engines, metals, AN hardware, cables, controls, rotorblades, instruments, etc. Your copy of this fascinating and highly informative Guidebook, presenting the world of small homebuilt and kit helicopters, is included at no extra cost with your order for the Aeros Construction Manual!

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Along with the Homebuilt Helicopter Guidebook, your order for the Aeros Manual also includes a FREE copy of our full-color catalog, The Vortech Flyer. A wide variety of plans are offered in the Catalog for building helicopters (piston- and jet-powered) and gyroplanes, along with sources of parts, materials, rotor blades, books, and other items of interest to the hobbyist.   


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Your order includes the complete plans for building the Aeros Helicopter
PLUS the free bonus manual—the
Homebuilt Helicopter Guidebook!
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