The Daemon

The Daemon is a powerful, but very compact turbojet engine that can power a wide variety of vehicles for land, air or water, including homebuilt helicopters, gyroplanes, boats, hydroplanes, cars, go-karts, bikes, etc.

The Daemon plans have been expanded and include ALL the necessary details for building and operating this jet, including detailed lists of all parts and materials as well as sources of supplies.

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The Daemon Specifications
Length (overall): 15.7 in; Diameter: 5.5 in (engine shell), 8.5 in (shroud); Weight (total): 15 lbs; Turbine speed: 49,000 rpm; Power output (shaft): 30 horsepower; Thrust at opt speed: about 25 lbs; Fuels: kerosene, gasoline, alcohol; Fuel consumption: about 4.5 gals/hr; Materials (main): stainless steel and aluminum

The DaemonTurbojet
The Daemon
Daemon parts
Daemon with propellor
The Daemon fitted with a speed
reduction drive and propellor

The Homebuilt Jet Engine Handbook (shown on the right) explains in depth the differences between various jet engine types, plus tells how to design and build your own jet. The Handbook includes plans for building a miniature Pulsejet engine that will produce up to 5 lbs. of thrust and can be used for powering various models. Sources for parts and supplies are provided.

When you order this Handbook you also receive the set of plans for building The Daemon turbojet engine, as described above. You also receive the free bonus described below.

Homebuilt Jet Engine Manual

mini jet engine
Minijet on test pole                      Minijet firing
Order now and receive—at no extra cost!—the complete plans for building this miniature jet engine. This fully functional miniature jet is not a toy and creates considerable thrust. Fueled by wood alcohol, the jet can be easily started from a complete standstill.
(Size: only 10" long x 2" diameter)

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Also available: Daemon and other jet-engine kits!

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