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Below is a list of engines, 27 hp & above, available directly from Vortech.
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If you don't see the model or size you're looking for, let us know. 
We have many more engines available than we can list below.


Unless otherwise stated:  Engines are 2 cycle, twin cylinder, and will operate vertically or horizontally; engines are complete, with carburetor, muffler, recoil starter & exhaust header.
See the listings below for the 4-cycle Subaru engines now available. 
Engines come with a 30-day guarantee against defects. Prices subject to change without notice.


Make: Fuji/Xenoah 340, dual carb, liquid-cooled, Brand new! Complete, with
twin carbs, CDI, exhaust + reduction drive (2.67:1). About 85 lbs

Horsepower: 40   Price: $2,595

Also available (all are complete):
1. Fuji/Xenoah 440, liquid cooled, 45 hp, 90 lbs, rebuilt (like new), $2,595
2. Fuji/Xenoah 340, single carb, liquid cooled, 35+ hp, 90 lbs, new, $1,595
3. Fuji/Xenoah 600, 3-cyl. inline, liquid cooled, 80+ hp, 90 lbs, like new, $2,895

See Accessories & Options, below.

Fuji 40 hp engine 

Kawasaki 340 engine  

Make: Kawasaki 340, air-cooled, rebuilt (like new)
Horsepower: 35  Weight: about 64 lbs
Price: $2,090 complete

Also available:
Kawasaki 340, air cooled, 35 hp,
New, $2,595 complete
Used, $1,795 complete

A lightweight (only 58 lbs) version of either
engine is also available. Please inquire.

Prices include a fan or enhanced free-air cooling

Make: Kawasaki 440-A, air-cooled
Like New! (rebuilt)

Horsepower: 40   Weight: 55 lbs
Price: $2,750

Price includes a fan or
enhanced free-air cooling

  Kawasaki 440  

Above: Kawasaki 440C

New & Rebuilt Outstanding Kawasaki Engines:

Kawasaki 440-A, 40 hp: brand new high-performance engine, complete, with manifold, muffler, carb and recoil starter. Only 65 lbs. CDI and nikasil cylinders are included. Only $3,295.
Add $200 for shipping/handling/insurance within continental U.S. (Foreign: shipping cost will be quoted.)

Kawasaki 440-B, 48 hp: rebuilt to new specs, complete, with manifold, muffler, carburetor and recoil starter. Only 66 lbs. CDI and nikasil cylinders are included. Only $3,290.
Add $200 for shipping/handling/insurance within continental U.S. (Foreign: shipping cost will be quoted.)

Kawasaki 440-C, 51 hp: complete, with twin carbs, manifold, muffler and recoil starter. Only 70 lbs. CDI, oil-injection and nikasil cylinders are included.
Rebuilt—like brand new, only $3,480
Add $200 for shipping, handling + insurance in the continental U.S. (Foreign: shipping cost will be quoted.)

also see Accessories & Options below.  

Other Kawasaki engines
(contact us to confirm stock):

1. 440A air-cooled, Rebuilt (like brand new), 40hp, 60 lbs, $2,795 complete

2. 440 liquid-cooled, Like brand new (rebuilt), 55hp, 60 lbs, $3,295 complete

exploded drawing of engine
Rotax 582 engine Rotax Engines (all are complete):
1. 277 air-cooled, A-1 used, 27 hp, $1,350 
277 air-cooled, new, 27 hp, $2,600
277 fan-cooled, rebuilt, like new, 27 hp, $1,995 
4. 377 air-cooled, A-1 used, 35 hp, $1,595
377 air-cooled, rebuilt, like new), 35 hp, $2,395
447 fan-cooled, rebuilt, like new), 40 hp, $2,895
503 air-cooled, rebuilt, like new, 48 hp, $3,195
532 liquid-cooled, rebuilt, like new, 62 hp, $3,590
582 liquid-cooled, rebuilt, like new, 65 hp, $3,850
583 liquid-cooled, rebuilt, like new, 70+ hp, $3,450
635 fan-cooled, used, 38 hp, $1,550
Hirth engines (scroll down page for more Hirth engines):
1. 440 fan-cooled, Brand new, 38 hp, 64 lbs,  $2,200 complete
2. 440 fan-cooled, Rebuilt (like brand new), 38 hp,  $1,800 complete
3. 650 air-cooled, dual carb, dual ignition, rebuilt (like new!),
65 hp, 78 lbs, $2,895 complete

Special Buy:

Kawasaki TA440A engine, Rebuilt, 40hp+, twin cylinder, 2-cycle. Complete, with electric start + pull start backup, original clutch, carb., muffler, exhaust (everything needed to operate engine). May be used on a variety of ultralight or other vehicles as a higher-quality alternative to the Rotax 377 or 447. This engine was rebuilt with new Wiesco parts. Newly rebuilt carb with new intake flange. Excellent condition.

Price: $2,095  (Shipping extra)

Kawasaki TA440A
EJ22 engine

4 cycle, 4-cyl., 130 hp. A-1 Used
Popular engines for such homebuilts as the RAF2000, Scorpion-II/133, many others
Weight: about 250 lbs,   Price: Please inquire*
Pkg. includes: engine, starter, alternator, flywheel, harness, engine computer unit
a fully rebuilt EJ22, rebuilt to new-engine specs
Rebuilt with genuine Subaru parts.  Price: Please inquire*
*quantity discounts available—please inquire •
prices subject to change depending on stock

Subaru EJ22 engine
EJ25 engine

 4 cycle, 4-cyl., 165 hp. A-1 Used
Popular engines for larger homebuilts, such as the Hot Rod Helicopter, Scorpion-II/133, RotorWay Execs, Commuter-II, Shadow, etc.
Features: single-overhead-cam (DOHC also avail.), ECU* controlled, 16 valves, fuel injected
Weight: about 275 lbs,  Price: Please inquire**
Pkg. includes: engine, starter, alternator, flywheel, harness, *engine computer unit

a fully rebuilt EJ25, rebuilt to new-engine specs
Rebuilt with genuine Subaru parts.  Price: Please inquire**
**quantity discounts available—please inquire • prices subject to change depending on stock

Subaru EJ25 engine

Great Value!
Make: Suzuki 580, liquid-cooled
Rebuilt, like new
Horsepower: 80+ (tuned), 62 (detuned)
Weight: about 90 lbs

$2,800 complete

Also available: Suzuki twin 700, Rebuilt (like new)
80+ hp, $3,000 complete
Suzuki 700 Used: $2,500

   Suzuki 550 engine
Kiekhaefer440 engine Outstanding Buy!

Make: Kiekhaefer Twin, 440, air or fan-cooled, with CDI,
30 mm shaft with 10 degree taper. Brand new

Horsepower: 40  Weight: 72 lbs w/fan
$1,495 complete

Parts are available for this engine.
Other engines:
1. Cuyuna 430, fan cooled, used, 35 hp, 70 lbs, $1,195 complete
2. Cuyuna 430, fan cooled, reconditioned, 35 hp, 70 lbs, $1,495 complete
3. Cuyuna 430, fan cooled, CDI, rebuilt (like new), 35 hp, 70 lbs, $1,995 complete
4. Zenoah opposed 484, fan cooled, 5 hrs. total time, 50 hp, 90 lbs, $2,595 complete


The below Magnum re-drives are available in 2.3, 2.6 & 2.9 ratios
Magnum 4-belt drive, new, $594
  (34 to 43 hp) Weight: 14.5 lbs
Magnum 5-belt drive, new, $695 (44 to 55 hp) Weight: 15.5 lbs
Magnum 6-belt drive, new, $796
 (56 to 66 hp) Weight: 19 lbs

Rotax Gearbox reduction drives: email or call for prices

Also available: New Micro-V (single 24-groove belt) Reduction Drives:
Up-down version: $850,  Up-up version w/built-in belt tensioner:  $950

Belts & mounting plate are extra.


Hirth engines have become recognized as the finest available for ultralight and experimental aircraft plus a wide variety of other applications. Although the initial cost of a Hirth engine may make it appear more expensive than competing engines, the extremely high TBO of 1,000 hours, the full year warranty, the superior reliability and the lower operating RPM actually make Hirth engines a far greater value than almost any of its competitors.

A superior torque curve at substantially lower RPMs is why the Hirths outperform other brands by a wide margin. Unlike most other engines that were designed for land use, then adapted for aircraft, Hirth engines are specifically designed for aircraft. Combining Nikasil cylinders and Hyper-Eutectic aluminum pistons (standard features), the Hirth engines are highly seizure resistant. Chrom-moly steel crankshafts give long life and virtually eliminate failures. Most engines on the market have steel sleeve cylinders. Although steel sleeves are less expensive than Nikasil, steel cannot dissipate heat as efficiently as aluminum and expands at a slower rate. As the heat in a steel sleeve cylinder engine increases the piston expands faster than the cylinder wall, steadily decreasing the piston clearance. To compensate, engines utilizing steel sleeve cylinders must run with lower temperatures. Hirth's cylinders are aluminum alloy; there are no sleeves. The cylinder walls have been treated with the patented Nikasil process. Nikasil coated cylinders are more durable than steel sleeves. Because the cylinders are an aluminum alloy, their expansion properties as well as their excellent thermal conductivity are virtually unchanged. This design allows heat to be dissipated quickly and efficiently. The piston is also made from an aluminum alloy. The piston alloy is slightly different and expands slightly less than the Nikasil cylinder. This combination of cylinder treatment and matched cylinder and piston materials creates an extremely seize-resistant environment. This is also why Hirth engines can handle cylinder head temperatures of over 600 degrees F. without failure. Although the Nikasil process is expensive, the increase in the engine's lifespan, performance and reliability more than offset the cost.

Hirth engine Hirth Model / HP Description Price (all engines are discounted)
2702 / 40hp Fan-cooled, recoil start Inquire for pricing
2703 / 55hp Dual carb, recoil start
3202 / 55hp Dual carb, recoil start
3203 / 65hp Dual carb, recoil start
3503 / 70hp Dual carb, recoil start
3703 / 100 hp 3 carb, elec. start
F-30 / 80hp Fan-cooled, electric start
F-30 / 85hp Free air, electric start
F-30 / 110hp Free air, electric start
F-33 / 28hp Recoil start
F-23 / 50hp Slide carb, electric start
 Hirth Engine options: electric starter, gearbox reduction units, electronic fuel injection. Please inquire.

Accessories & Options:

Electric starter, includes motor, regulator/rectifier, solenoid, ring gear, key switch w/2 keys, new, $550 (if purchased with engine)
CDI (capacitor discharge ignition), eliminates mechanical points, add $200 (if purchased with engine)
Fan, for forced-air cooling, new, add $250  •  Fuel pump, new, add $30

Nickel cell cylinders, permits engine to run cooler, providing more power and
extending engine life up to 5X. Only available for Kawasaki engines.
(Comes standard with new Kawasaki engines.) Add $295.
CHT (cylinder head temperature) gauge w/probe, 2", new, $90
EGT (exhaust gas temperature) gauge w/probe, 2", new, $95
Engine tach, 0-8000 rpm, 2", new, $110
Radiators for liquid cooled engines, new, $250
Ultra-Prop nylon composite, 3-4 blades (on sale): from $380
IVO Prop carbon fiber: from $600
Generic 2-bladed wooden: $279 new, $210 used

Above engine & accessory prices subject to change without notice
The photos may not depict the exact engine being offered.

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