This rotorcraft is among the smallest and 
simplest homebuilt helicopters known!

General Features:
Easy, low-cost construction  Takes off and lands vertically  
Requires no license (ultralight)
  Can be stored anywhere


Length: 12 ft
Width:  5.7 ft
Height:  5½ ft
Main rotor diameter: 12 ft
Tail rotor diameter:  2 ft
Empty weight:  150 lbs
Gross weight: 420 lbs
Useful payload:  270 lbs
Engine (typical): Kawasaki/Rotax, 40+ hp
Fuel capacity:  5 gals
Fuel consumption: 4 gals/hour
Speed (max.):  80 mph
Altitude (max.): 10,000 ft asi

The G-1
ultralight helicopter

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g1 engine
An engine of 40 h.p. or higher, such as this 48 h.p.
2-cycle engine, has been used to power the G1.
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Please note:  Vortech offers the G-1 plans as a curiosity for those interested in homebuilt helicopters because of its intriguing size and simplicity; however, Vortech has no direct experience with either the design or flight of this model and so cannot and does not endorse this as a proven aircraft. While people have reported  building and flying this model, it appears that most of those flying versions were variations or enhancements of the original design. For those interested in a more practical and proven design, please consider the A/W-95 or the Choppy (neither of the 2 would cost much more to build than the G-1). More elaborate designs that have been tested and flown are the Skylark, the HRH and the Aeros.

In general: Developed, tested and sold in the 1970's by Compcop, the G-1 was meant to fill the need for an affordable, easy-to-build ultralight helicopter. They created this helicopter for home construction with ordinary tools at a low cost. The tiny size would qualify the G-1 as a license-free "Ultralight Aircraft" (see FAR Part 103). The construction manual details the design of the original Compcop G-1 from their original prints.

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G1 on ground & in air Vortech's catalog
Vortech's complete Catalog for the homebuilt helicopter hobbyist comes FREE with your order for the G1 plans. Contains a wide selection of parts, kits, plans, rotorblades, books, videos, etc. (A $10.00 value)

Only $24.95
(+$3 Post. in U.S., $8 foreign). Included: FREE Homebuilt Helicopter Catalog.
(Catalog if ordered separately: $10.00 in U.S., $15 foreign (in color).)

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 2 sets of Plans for the price of one!!

As an option to the G-1 package described above, you may order plans for BOTH the G-1 and the Kestrel helicopters! This package includes the G-1 Construction Manual, the Kestrel Construction Manual and Vortech's complete Catalog!

Only $26.95 (+$4 Post. in U.S., $8 foreign)
Kestrel with bladetip jet

THE KESTREL is a single-seat ultralight helicopter powered by small jet engines mounted on the tips of the rotorblades. This form of power eliminates the need for a tail rotor, simplifying and reducing the cost of construction.

If ordered separately, the jet-helicopter construction package is available for $23.95 (+$3 postage US, $8 foreign). This package includes the Vortech Catalog. The Kestrel is available as a kit, as described in the Catalog.

IMPORTANT: this manual provides an overview of the construction of the jet helicopter, showing frame construction and many details regarding the integration of the control system, jets, fuel-flow system, and rotorsystem. The manual provides a schematic view of the rotorhead, but does not detail the construction of the rotorhead, rotorhub, rotorblades or jets. Vortech sells a jet-helicopter rotorhead and the jets, or these parts can be built from separate prints. However, their construction is complex and requires machining.

SPECS: length: 12'; height: 7'; empty wt: 180 lbs; gross wt: 440 lbs; payload (max) 260 lbs; engines (2): G8-2-20 jets; fuel: propane; fuel consump: 12+ gal/hr; rotor dia: 25'; speed (max): 95 mph (63 as ultralight); altitude (max): 12,500'

See jets for the Kestrel

Also available:

The Helicopter Experimenter



A valuable reference guide for the helicopter and gyroplane hobbyist. Includes: helicopter and gyroplane basics, rotorblade & hub designs; various homebuilt helicopters and gyroplanes with specs; a guide to construction materials; a glossary of terms; a list of suppliers of parts and materials; tables of weights, formulas, conversions, etc. Only $12.95


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