This rotorcraft is among the smallest and 
simplest homebuilt helicopters known!

General Features:
Easy, low-cost construction  Takes off and lands vertically  
Requires no license (ultralight)
  Can be stored anywhere

Length: 12 ft
Width:  5.7 ft
Height:  5½ ft
Main rotor diameter: 12 ft
Tail rotor diameter:  2 ft
Empty weight:  150 lbs
Gross weight: 420 lbs
Useful payload:  270 lbs
Engine (typical): Kawasaki/Rotax, 40+ hp
Fuel capacity:  5 gals
Fuel consumption: 4 gals/hour
Speed (max.):  80 mph
Altitude (max.): 10,000 ft asi

The G-1
ultralight helicopter

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g1 engine
An engine of 40 h.p. or higher, such as this 48 h.p.
2-cycle engine, has been used to power the G1.
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IMPORTANT:  Vortech offers the G-1 plans as a curiosity for those interested in homebuilt helicopters because of its intriguing size and simplicity; however, Vortech has no direct experience with either the design or flight of this model and so cannot and does not endorse this as a proven aircraft. While people have reported  building and flying this model, it appears that those flying versions were variations or enhancements of the original design. The G-1ís control system is minimal; also, this craft will not autorotate. For those interested in a more practical and proven design, please consider the Choppy or the Aeros (neither of the 2 would cost much more to build than the G-1). More elaborate designs that have been tested and flown are the Skylark and the HRH.

In general: Developed, tested and sold in the 1970's by Compcop, the G-1 was meant to fill the need for an affordable, easy-to-build ultralight helicopter. They created this helicopter for home construction with ordinary tools at a low cost. The tiny size would qualify the G-1 as a license-free "Ultralight Aircraft" (see FAR Part 103). The construction manual details the design of the original Compcop G-1 from their original prints.

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G1 on ground & in air
Vortech's catalog
Vortech's complete full-color Catalog for the homebuilt helicopter hobbyist comes FREE with your order for the
G1 plans. Contains a wide selection of parts, kits, plans, rotorblades, books, videos, etc.
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SPECIAL OFFER: Get 2 sets of Plans for the price of one!!
As an option to the G-1 package described above, you may order plans for BOTH the G-1 and the Kestrel helicopters! This package includes the G-1 and Kestrel Construction Manuals and the Vortech's Catalog.
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Kestrel with bladetip jet

THE KESTREL is a single-seat ultralight helicopter powered by small jet engines mounted on the tips of the rotorblades. This form of power eliminates the need for a tail rotor, simplifying and reducing the cost of construction.

If ordered separately, the jet-helicopter construction package is available for $24.95 (+postage). This package includes the Vortech Catalog.

IMPORTANT: this manual provides an overview of the construction of the jet helicopter, showing frame construction and many details regarding the integration of the control system, jets, fuel-flow system, and rotorsystem. The manual provides a schematic view of the rotorhead, but does not detail the construction of the rotorhead, rotorhub, rotorblades or jets. The jet-helicopter rotorhead and jets can be built from separate prints (requires machining).

SPECS: length: 12'; height: 7'; empty wt: 180 lbs; gross wt: 440 lbs; payload (max) 260 lbs; engines (2): G8-2-20 jets; fuel: propane; fuel consump: 12+ gal/hr; rotor dia: 25'; speed (max): 95 mph (63 as ultralight); altitude (max): 12,500'

See jets for the Kestrel

Also available:

The Helicopter Experimenter



A valuable reference guide for the helicopter and gyroplane hobbyist. Includes: helicopter and gyroplane basics, rotorblade & hub designs; various homebuilt helicopters and gyroplanes with specs; a guide to construction materials; a glossary of terms; a list of suppliers of parts and materials; tables of weights, formulas, conversions, etc. Only $12.95 + post.


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