The G-1 seems to inspire many ideas and variations, as shown in the photos below.
These are some of the photos sent to Vortech of customer-built G-1's.
Bear in mind that Vortech will pay for some good flight or test video of
your own project (subject to terms). 

Above & below 4 photos : A great-looking variation of the G-1 (incomplete)
Builder: J. Smith

Above & below 3 photos: This exciting variation of the basic G-1 flew in Brazil.
Builder: G. Kupke

Above & below 4 photos : A nearly completed G-1
Builder: C. Deaver
Above & below 4 photos : This G-1 is a work in progress
Builder: D. Cullen

A little G-1 background:  The unique G-1 Ultrtalight Helicopter, created in the early 1970s by Art Weilage, 
was tested and sold as low-cost kits by Compcop, Inc.  Vortech offers the original construction prints to
hobbyists curious about this design, or who want to study the concept as inspiration for a design of their own.

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