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Our line of rotorblades and gyro parts will be expanding.
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In response to many requests, we have lowered the prices of our line of gyroplane rotorblades! The below prices represent a sharp roll back to earlier pricing. We know that economic times are tough and we want to make our product as accessible as possible to our loyal customers and fellow flyers worldwide. It's uncertain how long this special pricing will last, so we urge you to grab your set of state-of-the-art rotorblades without delay. Please read the below description of why our rotors are the finest in the industry.

The world's finest value in gyroplane rotorblades! Our new line of blades are a vast improvement over comparable designs that were sold for decades. We currently offer our extruded rotor system, available up to a 32 ft rotor disk (custom lengths are available). All systems use the 8-H-12 airfoil for it's excellent autorotational abilities and outstanding lift, and come complete with our variable-pitch hub bars. All hubs are the industry standard (will fit any head in the industry) of 2.5" wide and have the cone angle milled onto the bar. Also, each hub has our EZ Trac teeter block and Chord Line adjustment screw making it a cinch to dial in your rotors*. All systems come balanced, pitched and  ready to put together and go! And now, another new feature: the blades are factory tracked on state-of-the-art tracking equipment! Our blades, blade straps and aluminum transition saddles are machined and drilled in the same CNC center to assure total accuracy and to guarantee that each and every component fits with absolute precision. Our CNC machine, purchased January, 2013, is the latest state-of-the-art technology.  No comparable value exists in the industry!

NEW and IMPROVED!!  Our upgraded rotorblades now come with a white, high-gloss powder-coated finish for durability, corrosion resistance, superb flight characteristics and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our blade-grip plates have been enhanced and strengthened. As stated, the blades come both pre-balanced and pre-tracked. It's worth repeating: no comparable value exists in the industry!

*in most cases systems must be tracked to each individual machine.






RH Part Number Disk Span (Dia.) Price +Crating
PRC-220 22' Rotor Disk $4,182 $145
PRC-230 23' Rotor Disk $4,182 $145
PRC-240 24' Rotor Disk $4,435 $155
PRC-250 25' Rotor Disk $4,435 $155
PRC-260 26' Rotor Disk $4,562 $160
PRC-270 27' Rotor Disk $4,688 $165
PRC-280 28' Rotor Disk $4,815 $170
PRC-290 29' Rotor Disk $4,941 $175
PRC-300 30' Rotor Disk $5,068 $180
PRC-310 31' Rotor Disk inquire $185
PRC-320 32' Rotor Disk inquire $190
Custom Lengths And Hubs Available Call!
Note: sizes below 22' are charged the 22'-23' price

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 Rotorhead for gyro (1-place or 2-place) : $1,600
     (A heavy-duty rotorhead for any standard rotorhub)


 Pre-rotator ring gear for rotorhead: $295
     (Pre-installed with purchase of single- or two-place head.)


 Pre-rotator system (hydraulic): $1,495
     Not currently available (For single- or two-place gyro.)


 Digital rotor tach with sender: $295

Crating and shipping are extra. Fill in Order Form/Contract when ordering.

Prices and designs subject to change without notice

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Hirth engines have become recognized as the finest available for ultralight and experimental aircraft plus a wide variety of other applications. Although the initial cost of a Hirth engine may make it appear more expensive than competing engines, the extremely high TBO of 1,000 hours, the full year warranty, the superior reliability and the lower operating RPM actually make Hirth engines a far greater value than almost any of its competitors.

A superior torque curve at substantially lower RPMs is why the Hirths outperform other brands by a wide margin. Unlike most engines that were designed for land use, then adapted for aircraft, Hirth engines were specifically designed for aircraft. Combining Nikasil cylinders and Hyper-Eutectic aluminum pistons (standard features), the Hirth engines are highly seizure resistant. Chrom-moly steel crankshafts give long life and virtually eliminate failures. Most engines on the market have steel sleeve cylinders. Although less expensive than Nikasil, steel sleeves cannot dissipate heat as efficiently as aluminum and expand at a slower rate. As the heat in a steel sleeve cylinder engine increases the piston expands faster than the cylinder wall, steadily decreasing piston clearance. To compensate, engines using steel sleeve cylinders must run at lower temperatures. Hirth's cylinders are aluminum alloy and have no sleeves. The cylinder walls have been treated with the patented Nikasil process. Nikasil coated cylinders are more durable than steel sleeves. Because the cylinders are an aluminum alloy, their expansion properties as well as their excellent thermal conductivity are virtually unchanged. This design allows heat to be dissipated quickly and efficiently. The piston is also made from an aluminum alloy, but one that expands slightly less than the Nikasil cylinder. This combination of cylinder treatment and matched cylinder and piston materials creates an extremely seize-resistant environment. This is also why Hirth engines can handle cylinder head temperatures of over 600 degrees F. without failure. Although the Nikasil process is expensive, the increase in the engine's lifespan, performance and reliability more than offset the cost.

Hirth engine Hirth Model / HP Description Price (all engines are discounted)
2702 / 40hp Fan-cooled, recoil start Please call for current
pricing and availability
2703 / 55hp Dual carb, recoil start
3202 / 55hp Dual carb, recoil start
3203 / 65hp Dual carb, recoil start
3503 / 70hp Dual carb, recoil start
3703 / 100 hp 3 carbs, electric start
F-30 / 80hp Fan-cooled, electric start
F-30 / 80hp Free air, electric start
F-30 / 110hp Free air, electric start
F-33 / 28hp Recoil start
F-23 / 50hp Slide carb, electric start
 Hirth Engine options: electric starter, gearbox reduction units, electronic fuel injection. Please inquire.

Prices and designs subject to change without notice

For  more information, please phone:
Sales:  410-668-2757

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