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Great value for 2 highly upgraded Bells:


Bell 212 "Twin Huey" Helicopters
Bell 212 "Twin Huey" Helicopter


Find links to full brochures for each of
these 212s below the followintg Description

Bell Super 212 HP "Twin Huey" helicopters, 1982 models—2 available. Outstanding for rescue, power-line operations, fire fighting, sling work, forest service, tours, etc. Please read the below description to see why they are "Super" 212 HPs:

Both 212 HPs are available at the quoted price with BRAND NEW (not overhauled) high-performance PT6T-3DF Twin Pac* engines rather than the standard PT6T-3B engines. Please view the attached Diamond Upgrade brochure to see the dramatic improvement in performance this brings when carrying a full load, whatever the weather or altitude. In addition, our price includes brand new 212-015-501-121 M/R blades. All required HP features have been completed for their conversion to SUPER 212 HP aircraft, including the upgraded transmission and M/R hubs along with other component and structural upgrades. The STCs are in place for the conversions. If desired, for an even greater gain in performance the helicopters can be considerably lightened.

General information for both 1982 Bell 212 HP's:
One ship has 15,602 TTSN. Its sister ship has 15,803 TTSN.  Both 212 HPs are run every couple of weeks. Both 212s are IFR and are otherwise equipped exactly the same. Seating capacity: 15 (including pilot). These helicopters will be sold with fresh Annuals, with all calendar items (new straps, etc.) installed. All work to be done by Transwest Helicopters, a Bell Service Center in Vancouver Canada.

When delivered, along with the new -3DF engines and -121 M/R blades, each helicopter will have a new paint scheme (customer’s choice), a 3000-hour/5-year inspection, plus all ADs, SBs and inspections completed and signed off by Transwest Helicopters. The new Twin Pac* will include the P&W standard warranty. All components and the airframes will have Fresh Form 1 (8130-3) certificates issued in the records at time of delivery. (NOTE: the paint is currently 8.5+ interior and exterior. New paint may be eliminated, in which case $50,000 may be deducted from price.)

There is No Damage History for either 212 and the extensive records go back to time of manufacture. Always operated and maintained by a Bell Service Center. Optionally, the IFR (Sperry) kit can be uninstalled, but would be included in sale.  

*Note: the P&W list price for a brand new PT6T-3DF Twin Pac is $2,230,490. If interested in either 212 HP as-is, without the Diamond Upgrade, please inquire.

See a full brochure for the 212 with 15,602 TTSN here

See a full brochure for the 212 with 15,803 TTSN here

See a full brochure on the Diamond Upgrade here

For detailed specs on the Bell 212 "Twin Huey," click here

PRICE: $3,775,000 each with Diamond Upgrades 
If interested in purchasing without the Upgrades, please inquire.

Reasonable offers will be considered!

Phone 410-668-2757 from 1pm-7pm EST weekdays, or leave message. To write us, please use the Form below.

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