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Bell 222 SP Helicopter + Extras  
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Spectacular Value for a Bell 222 + Parts:


Bell 222 SP Helicopter

Bell 212 "Twin Huey" Helicopter


Find link to the component times
below the followintg Description

Bell 222 SP  7-Seat Helicopter, 1983 model. N230SS; S/N 47086. 3,232 TTSN. No damage history. Superb condition inside & out. Fresh Annual as of January, 2023. Has a brand new main rotor mast from Bell Helicopters, 0.0 TSN. This would eliminate any concern about a future mast AD. In addition: Purchase of this helicopter includes, at no extra cost, a second Bell 222 SP that is complete except for the engines and main drive shaft.


The second 222 SP can be used as a source of spare parts for the flying 222 SP, or it can be completed with the addition of 2 C30 turboshaft engines and a main drive shaft. If used as a source of spare parts, the buyer should encounter very little expense for future repairs for the primary aircraft. The main rotor blades alone on this second 222 SP would have a resale value of around $130K. The combination of the primary and secondary Bell 222 SPs could well qualify this as the deal of a lifetime!  


General Features / Equipment:

Brand new main rotor mast

Powered by twin Allison 250-C30G turboshaft engines, 650shp each

IFR Single Pilot + Auto Pilot

Dual Controls

Rotor Brake

Co-Pilot Brakes

Air Conditioning

150 KIAS VNE Kit

Heated Windshield

Windshield Wipers

Landing Lights

Anti-Collision Lights: Upper& Lower Position Lights - Fwd, Wing Tips

Fire Extinguisher

17 Amp Battery

5-Place Club Seating

Exterior painted dark blue

Large, comfortable cabin with new interior

Tan leather seats with blue leather console

Beige Side Panels and Headliner; Blue carpet

Sheepskin cover on Pilot's and Co-Pilot's Seats

Full Instrumentation + Avionics (list below)



NAT AMS50 Audio Controller
Dual Collins Comms 
Dual Collins Navs w/VOR/LOC/ILS
Collins Transponder
Collins DME
Collins ADF
Sperry Autopilot / Flight Director
Sperry Weather Radar
Bendix King KMD-150 MFD
Radar Altimiter
Dual Altimiter
Dual Airspeed
Dual VSI
HSI / Directional Gyro
Dual Attitude Gyros
Standby Attitude Indicator
Turn Co-ordinator
Dual Davtron Digital Clock
Kannad RC 200 ELT



Cruise: 160 mph

VNE: 168 mph
Service Ceiling: 20,000 ft.

Climb: 1,550 fpm

Range: 360 nautical miles
Fuel Capacity: 188 gal.

HOGE: 4,600 ft.

HIGE: 4,200 ft.

  See component times + more on the 222 SP here

  See pix and times on the secondary 222 SP here

For detailed specs on the Bell 222 SP  click here

PRICE: $525,000 

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