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Spectacular value on a spectacular aircraft:
McDonnell Douglas MD530FF  5-Seat Helicopter—Like New!

MD530FF helicopter

The above and below photos are not of the MD530FF for sale

MD530FF helicopter

1994 McDonnell Douglas Model MD530FF helicopter. Please carefully read the following to see why this aircraft is such an extraordinary value.

This MD530FF has only 50 hours TTSN and NO damage history. It is U.S. registered. After 50 hours, the engine was sent to Rolls Royce for their enhancement and surge kit upgrade certification program. The ship sat in the government's hanger until Rolls Royce completed the program a few years later. Although the government (its original owner) used some of this aircraft's parts in other MD530FFs, the enhanced engine was eventually reinstalled. With other parts missing, the helicopter went into storage.

All time-life parts have been replaced with either new parts or zero-time overhauled parts. Only the engine, with 50 hrs TTSN, will have  time registered, and it will have 0 time since enhancement and inspection. All engine accessories are zero time.

The helicopter is currently unpainted (its original paint had been stripped). Its selling price includes custom painting per the buyer's color choice. The avionics (all brand new) will be installed per the buyer's desired layout. (See proposed layout below, which is included in the selling price.)

All the windows are new. Delivery is 30 days plus 14 days for paint once a purchase agreement is in place. All transactions go through Ms. Debbie Mercer-Erwin, President, "Escrow Agent," Wright Brothers Aircraft Title Co., Oklahoma City, OK. 

This MD530FF will be delivered with all inspections complete, all calendar and yearly items current, and all AD/SBs  complied with. It will be a 10+ inside and out and virtually brand new. Below items are included in the price:

·  Rolls Royce 250-C30 engine (enhanced compressor with surge protection with 50 hrs.TTSN. 
Aircraft will be painted inside and out, the color to be designated by customer.
AFS Barrier Filter,
Dual controls LH Command
Garmin 330 Transponder
·  Garmin 650 GPS/NAV/COM
·  Garmin GTR 225 COM 2
·  NAT 42F Audio Panel
·  Aspen 1000H Attitude/DG
·  GRA 55 Radar Altimeter
·  Encoding Altimeter,
·  Davtron Electric Digital Clock/OAT
·  Rear Center Bench Mesh
·  Front Cloth Seats
·  Door Shocks
·  Rain Gutters,
·  Maintenance Seat Pans
·  Collective and Battery Power Hobbs,
·  Engine Wash Kit hook up,
·  Pneumatic Door Openers,
·  Meeker Hinges all doors
·  Tech Tool Windows all doors no slides Tinted
·  Tinted Front Windows
·  Sealed Lead Acid Battery
·  2 Front and 2 rear Dave Clark Headset Plugs
·  Zero Time since OH Main (small box) and TR Transmission
·  Zero Time since OH Main Rotor Hub (time continued components after OH inspection)
·  Zero Time since inspection swashplate and clutch
·  New main and tail rotor blades 
·  Rotor Brake
·  Slant Panel
·  New TR hub/swashplate/fork/pitchhousing/straps

CLICK to see component times...

See specs for the MD530FF, CLICK HERE*
*Be aware that the engine in this MD530FF is the Rolls-Royce 250-C30 gas turbine, with a rated power of 650 shp, 485 kw.

PRICE: $1,895,000  This is a drop in price. Appraisal value of MD530ff will be $2.2M when completed as described above.

Reasonable offers will be considered!

Phone 410-668-2757 from 3pm-9pm EST weekdays, or leave message. To write us, please use the Form below.

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