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RotorWay Exec-90: Ready to fly!
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A RotorWay Exec-90 with upgrade!
RotorWay EXEC-90  2-SEAT HELICOPTERóReady to fly!


Exec-90 two-seat helicopter
Exec-90 two-seat helicopter

RotorWay Exec-90 two-seat HelicopteróReady To Fly. N7765B Helicopter was built and first flown in 2006. Received its Airworthiness Certificate in 2006. Has about 50 hrs TT since new. Powered by an RI-162 engine (150hp). Will need a fresh Annual. Helicopter is currently flyable, but a qualified mechanic needs to go through it to confirm  its readiness for extended flying.  

Features include: 1)
a 1.75" primary drive shaft; 2) avionics (Terra TX729 Com, Com Antennae, Terra TRT250 Encoder, Encoder Antennae, Narco Nav/Vor, FS Engineering PM1000 Intercom, Emergency Beacon Corp. EBC-102A ELT); 3) dual controls; 4) cabin heater; 5) RT4100 Fire Extinguisher; 6) all manuals and prints; 7) interior lights + Whelan Nav/Strobe lights.   

Good condition. Never damaged. No rust or corrosion. Located in the state of Texas. Owner selling for medical reasons. Delivery possible in U.S. at $2/mile.

Length: 22 ft; height: 8 ft; width: 65 in.; empty weight: 975 lbs; max. payload: about 525 lbs; gross weight: 1,500 lbs; engine/horsepower: RI162/150; fuel capacity: 17 gal; max. speed: 115 mph; cruise speed: 95 mph; rate of climb: 1000 fpm; flight duration: 2+ hours; hige: 7,000 ft; hoge: 5,000 ft; max. altitude: 10,000 ft.

PRICE:  $44,995  (No trades) 

Phone 410-668-2757 from 2pm-7pm EST weekdays, or leave message. To write us, please use the Form below.

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