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RotorWay JetExec—Turbine-powered
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A sensational helicopter with both landing skids and pontoons:
RotorWay Jet-Exec  2-Seat Helicopter—ready to fly!

Exec, turbine-powered

turbine-powered Exec

RotorWay JET-EXEC: a RotorWay fully converted to a ready-to-fly jet-powered helicopter. Build of this helicopter was begun in 1998 and includes all the latest upgrades. The owner is an A&P mechanic and the construction is to the highest standard. This is a TRUE Jet-Exec, with both a shaft-driven main and tail rotor system. The new power train uses gear reductions for the primary drive. Powered by a Solar 150 hp T62 gas turbine engine, with virtually 0 time; engine has only had 10-15 test starts and runs extremely well. This helicopter features an Exec frame and fuselage with all current upgrades; new composite Waitman main rotorblades; new tail rotorblades; new elastomeric bearings; full instrumentation; a VH radio (King KYCZA) and transponder (King KT76A); a hand-held Garmin 195 GPS; headsets; doors (unmounted); extra tail rotorblades (new); a complete, brand new set of Full Lotus pontoons made especially for the Exec (still in box); "T"-tail horizontal and vertical stabilizers; custom-built 6-wheel ground-handling equipment; all logs, prints and manuals. Along with the pontoons and extra tail blades, this helicopter comes with a number of extra Exec parts. Control system is dual-control ready (extra pedals and levers not included). Helicopter has always been hangar-kept. Located in Arizona. Owner works for the airlines and is only selling because of his world-travel schedule. Can be delivered for additional cost.


This helicopter was originally offered for $85,990. However, because of a recent quirk in the starting system the price has been temporarily dropped to $69,990. Currently, the engine starts after the governor is lightly tapped with a fingernail. Once started, the engines runs extremely well and the helicopter is flight-ready. This quirk is recent, and the owner/builder, an A&P mechaninc for Delta Airlines, hopes to have the issue resolved in the next several months. At that time, if not sold as-is, the price will go back to $85,990 or higher. The delay in resolving this issue is due to the owner's global travels. Otherwise, he has been improving and fine-tuning this helicopter for the last few years. 


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Length: 22 ft; height: 8 ft; skid width: 65 in.; cabin width: 44 in; empty weight: 880 lbs; max. payload: about 675 lbs; main rotor diameter: 25 ft; engine: Solar T-62T-32 turbine; horsepower: 150; fuel capacity: 40 gal; max. speed: 115 mph; cruise speed: 95 mph; rate of climb: 2000 fpm; flight duration: 2.5+ hours; max. altitude: about 10,000+ ft.

PRICE: $69,990  (a temporary price reduction)

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