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Mini-500 helicopter parts + Snowmobile
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A Highly Popular Single-Seater!
MINI-500  One-Seat Helicopter—Partial

 Mini-500 Helicopter
Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter



Yamaha RS Rage Snomobile (below)

Mini-500 single-seat experimental helicopter, partial (S/N 0300): This partial Mini-500 will primarily need an engine (see Yamaha option below) and main rotor blades to be ready for flight testing. Also missing the front windscreen. Otherwise, mostly complete and in very good condition.

Features: complete main and tail rotor hubs, aluminum tail rotorblades; a cabin enclosure; instrumentation; lighting (nav. and nose light); a shaft-driven tail rotor; ground-handling wheels.

Condition: The included parts are mechanically and cosmetically excellent, with no rust or corrosion.  Never damaged. 


Option: The engine typically used in the Miini-500 was a 65hp 2-cycle Rotax 582 engine. However, an engine such as the 120hp Yamaha 4-cycle, 3-cylinder 973 has been used as an alternative for greatly improved power and performance.

Ready for pickup or shipment. Located in state of Illinois. Delivery possible for a fee. Owner is selling because he's preparing to move.

YAMAHA RS Rage Snowmobile Option:  2004 model, very good condition. Although this snowmobile can be used as-is, it is offered here in conjunction with the partial Mini-500 for those who might want to adapt its engine to the Mini-500 helicopter (will likely require some frame mod). Odometer: 8915. Will need a battery.


• See full specs of the RS Rage Snowmobile here

• See more info about the Yamaha 973 Triple Engine

Length: 22½ ft; height: 8 ft; width: 5¼ ft.; empty weight: 400 lbs; max. payload: about 250 lbs;  horsepower (typical): 65; max. speed: 110 mph; cruise: 75 mph; VNE: 130 mph; rate of climb: 1100 fpm; flight duration: 3 hours; max. altitude: about 10,000+ ft.  

SPECIFICATIONS (Rage Snowmobile):
Length: 9.8 ft; height: 47 in.; width: 4 ft.; empty weight: 564 lbs; number of seats: 1 (with room for passenger); engine type: Yamaha 973cc, 4 stroke, 3 cyl. inline, carbureted; horsepower: 120; starter: electric; max. speed (approx.): 90 mph; fuel capacity: 10 gals (regular gas) 

PRICE: Only $12,995 for Mini-500, $4,850 for Snomobile, $17,845 for both.    

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