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Mini-500 helicopter, Complete
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A Superb and Popular Single-Seater!
MINI-500  One-Seat Helicopter—Complete!
 Mini-500 Helicopter
Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 Helicopter

Mini-500 single-seat, experimental helicopter, complete. Built in 1996; received Air-Worthiness Certificate in 1997 and first flown in 1997. Only 62.8 hrs. total time (ncludes 20+ hours of ground run-ups). N500ZX; S/N 0153.

Features: 70hp Rotax 582 engine; composite main rotorblades and aluminum tail rotor blades (both sets are statically balanced and installed); full instrumentation; shaft-driven tail rotor; a comfortable full-cabin enclosure. Aircraft is factory equipped and has been updated in accord with the manufacturer's service bulletins, directives and ADs. Factory service letters and directives are collected in binders.

Extras and upgrades: Doors with window vents (assembled and ready to mount); LED spotlight; rear strobe light; PEP (performance-enhancement) exhaust pipe; mast-support kit (installed); new heavy-duty bearings in main rotorblade cones; sintered brass in tail-rotor pitch mechanism (replaces the steel balls); new and re-wired electrical system; electrical switch cluster on collective (push-button start + additional 3-position switches); switch cluster on cyclic (2-position trigger, push-button and hat 4-way switch); aircraft breaker panel; throttle governor w/spring override (Rostra speed control); fuel-flow transducer and gauge; preflight fuel-inspection drain; Kevlar-fortified skid bottoms wilth wear-resistant epoxy putty; cargo hook (30 lb.-load rated); new hardware and rod-end bearings. Helicopter was completely rebuilt by an A&P mechanic.

Mechanically excellent (interior/exterior: a 9/10). Cosmetically good to excellent (interior/exterior: a 6/10).  Minor hangar rash on left side of cabin and window flashing. Fiberglass shell, door assesmblies, latches and acrylic windshield in good condition. Frame in good condition, with no cracks, rust or corrosion. All removable chromoly frame sections were repainted and new AN hardware was installed throughout (mechanic's notes have been added to assembly manual).  

Flight readiness:  Helicopter is in hover-ready condition. Extended flight requires dynamic balance of the main and tail rotorblades; main fuel tank needs mounting and plumbing (all hardware and extra fuel line are included); weight-and-balance fine tuning required; FAA registration is expired and Condition Inspection (Annual) is due. 


Also included with purchase: A single-axle flat-bed trailer with built-in tool box (see photos); custom box for main rotor blades; extra AN hardware and lubricants; Bing 54 carb jets and needles; hand-drawn electrical-system schematics and operational instructions with special tools and photos; Pilot Operating Handbook; original-owner flight log; Condition Inspection checklist; assembly manual; service notices; letters and directives from the manufacturer.


Always stored indoors. Ready for pickup. Located in California (about 40 miles southeast of Bakersfield). Reason for sale: owner is moving and can't take helicopter. Delivery is possible for a fee.

Length: 22½ ft; height: 8 ft; width: 5¼ ft.; empty weight: 450 lbs; max. payload: about 310 lbs;  horsepower: 70; max. speed: 110 mph; cruise: 75 mph; VNE: 130 mph; rate of climb: 1100 fpm; flight duration: 3 hours; max. altitude: about 10,000+ ft.  

PRICE: Only $19,995  This represents a substantial drop in price. No trades

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