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An extraordinary package of Mini-500 helicopters + extra parts:
MINI-500  1-Seat Helicopters—
package of 7 with parts + tooling

A spectacular package consisting of 7 Mini-500 single-seat helicopters at various levels of completion.

Four of the Mini's are on skids and are mostly complete except for the engines. They have all flown in the past and were more or less disassmbled for storage. The cockpits are complete. They will need to be reassembled; the wiring and controls will need completion.
At least 2 have been set up for the Solar T62 turbine engine (will need the engine).
• One of the Mini's is a roll-over that will need substantial work to make flight-ready.

Also included: a Rotax 582 engine core; some production molds; many crates of parts and hardware that include main gearboxes, main rotorblades, doors, fuel tanks, exhaust systems, wheels, etc.

NOTE: this group of parts is ONLY being sold as a single lot. It will not be broken up or sold piecemeal. Will require a large trailer to move everything, which is located in Kansas.

SPECIFICATIONS (typical Mini-500):
Length: 18 ft; height: 8 ft; width: 5¼ ft.; empty weight: 450 lbs; max. payload: 350 lbs;  horsepower: 67+; speed: 100 mph; cruise speed: 70 mph; VNE: 105 mph; rate of climb: 1000 fpm; flight duration: 3 hours; max. altitude: about 10,000+ ft.  Performance may vary, depending on engine, etc.  

PRICE: $49,995 for everything described above. This is a sharp drop in price.

Phone 410-668-2757 from 3pm-8pm EST weekdays, or leave message. To write us, please use the Form below.

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