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Scorpion-133 Two-Seat Helicopter
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Low-Cost Scorpion Helicopter project
SCORPION-II/133  2-Seat HelicopteróMostly Complete

Scorpion-II/133 helicopter
Scorpion-II/133 helicopters
Scorpion-II/133 helicopter

Scorpion-II/133 helicopters

Scorpion-II/133 helicopter

Scorpion-133 helicopter, 1977 model, nearly complete. It has a RotorWay RW133 135hp engine, new main rotorblades, instrumentation, a full cabin enclosure, and includes all manuals and prints. There is no windscreen and no seat cushions. Fiberglass cab needs some repair. The helicopter has about 135 hrs. TT. Overall condition is fair, but airframe and major components appear to be sound and intact. Most of the major parts of this helicopter are mounted on airframe. Also included: a second airframe. This Scorpion is a project that will require a thorough cleaning, an inspection to determine what work and parts are required and then a final assembly. Located in Antelope, Montana. Free delivery within 100 miles.


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Passengers: 2;  Length: 22';  Height: 7.5';  Width (cab): 4';  Rotor dia: 24';  Empty weight: 650 lbs.;  Gross weight: 1,200 lbs.;  Payload: 550 lbs.;  Engine type/hp: RW-133 4 cycle 135 hp engine;  Range: 200 miles;  Speed (max): 95 mph;  Speed (cruise): 70 mph;  Service ceiling: 10,000';  Rate of climb: 900 ft/min 

PRICE: $5,500  A sale is currently in progress for this Scorpion

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