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SkyBlazer Co-axial Helicopter  
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An outstanding, highly stable single-seat helicopter:
SkyBlazer  1-Seat CoAxial Helicopter—Complete



This is the single-seat SkyBlazer coaxial helicopter. The video at the top is the prototype undergoing flight maneuvers. The actual helicopter, with enclosure, is shown in the above photos. This helicopter incorporates twin Hirth 65hp (130 hp total) fuel-injected, altitude-compensated engines; a twin rotor system, twin fuel tanks and a hydraulic control system. The belt drive shown will be replaced with a gearbox similar to the one used in a Robinson R22. Two instrument panels are included. The helicopter comes with new, state-of-the-art powder-coated PRC rotorblades. In the coaxial design the counter-rotating twin rotors cancel torgue in a far more balanced manner than the single-main-rotor/anti-torque tail rotor design, giving the aircraft outstanding stability. The redundant systems maximize safety. This helicopter would be licensed as an Experimental aircraft. Full assembly assistance is provided.

Passengers: 1;  Length: 15';  Height: 8';  Width (cab): 3';  Rotor dia: 14.5';  Empty weight: 600 lbs.;  Gross weight: 900 lbs.; Payload: 300 lbs.;  Engines(2) hp: 65 hp;  Range: 200 miles;  Speed (max): 105 mph;  Speed (cruise): 75 mph;  Service ceiling: 10,000 ft;  Rate of climb: 1,000 ft/min 

PRICE: NOTE: The prototype shown above has been sold. Please write about the availability of some of the major components for building this helicopter.

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