DESCRIPTION: The VJ5* Pressure Jet engines are a breakthrough in jet propulsion. These engines, originally intended for use on helicopters, have been used on R/C aircraft, jet-propelled bicycles, go-karts, fixed-wing aircraft, hang gliders, hovercraft, and so on.
     Neither a ramjet nor pulsejet, the VJ5 is essentially a burner with a sonically-tuned intake that burns pressurized liquid propane. The VJ5 has no moving parts, is smoothly throttleable from idle to full thrust, is easily started at the push of a button, is highly efficient, reliable, virtually maintenance free, and has an ecologically clean, non-toxic exhaust. The VJ5 series of jets are available in a wide variety of sizes (thrust ratings): 5 lbs, 20 lbs, 40 lbs and 130 lbs.

Blade-tip jet
The VJ5-20 Pressure Jet on a rotor tip
POPULAR USES: small helicopters, go-karts, bicycles


Dynamic thrust (max.): 23.5 lbs; Static thrust (max.): 17 lbs; Specific fuel consumption (dynamic, at 200 mph.): 1.7 lbs/lb/hr**; Horsepower (dynamic, max): 19; Total weight: 8 lbs; Overall length: 36.5 in; Intake length: 25.5 in; Combustion chamber dia: 5.0 in; Tail-pipe dia: 3.5 in.

VJ5-20 Construction kit: N/A
Assembled/tested VJ5-20: $5,895




Left: a VJ5-powered
backpack helicopter

Right: Vortech's prototype Kestrel
jet helicopter

POPULAR USES: R/C model aircraft, boats and cars


Dynamic thrust (max): 5.0 lbs; Specific fuel consumption (static): less than 1 lbs/lb/hr**; Overall length: 22 in; Intake length: 15.5 in; Combustion chamber dia: 3.0 in; Tailpipe dia: 2.0 in; Weight of jet: 1.5 lbs.

Price: Assembled/tested VJ5-5: $3,990
G8-2-40 Pressure Jet
POPULAR USES: homebuilt aircraft, hang
gliders, go-karts, racing cars, bicycles

Dynamic thrust (max): 42.0 lbs; Specific fuel consumption (dynamic—est.): 2.5 lbs/lb/hr**; Horsepower (dynamic, max): 37; Overall length: 38.5 in; Intake length: 27.5 in; Combustion chamber dia: 6.5 in; Tailpipe dia: 5.0 in; Weight of jet: 11 lbs.

VJ5-40 Construction kit: N/A
Assembled/tested VJ5-40: $6,950


G8-2-130R Pressure Jet
POPULAR USES: fixed-wing aircraft, flying
platforms, racing cars, hovercraft


Dynamic thrust (max, at 200 psi): 130 lbs; Specific fuel consumption (static): .90 lbs/lb/hr**; Overall length: 48.5 in; Intake length: 36 in; Combustion chamber dia: 9.0 in: Tailpipe dia: 7.0 in.; Weight of jet: 23 lbs.

 VJ5-130 Construction kit: N/A
Assembled/tested VJ5-130: $7,985

 *The VJ5 jets are based upon original designs by  Eugene Gluhareff, but incorporate much of our own design as well. The Gluhareff designs are now in the public domain and are not being used in association with or with the permission or license of Gluhareff or his successors.
2. **Fuel consumption, rated in lbs/lb/hr, refers to the pounds of fuel burned per pound of thrust in an hour. Propane weighs 4. 3  lbs/gal. Thus, if the rating were 1 lb/lb/hr and the jet were producing 40 lbs of thrust, 40 lbs of fuel or 9. 3  gallons would be burned within one hour.
3. Dynamic thrust, produced when the engine is in motion, will always be higher than static thrust, produced when the engine is still, since the ram air effect increases both the thrust and efficiency of the jet.

Specifications, design and pricing subject to change or correction without notice.


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