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CW-105F Twin-Rotor 2-Seat Helicopter Plans
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Code: XF2047
Price: $270.00

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CW-105F Helicopter Plans
76 Construction Prints + Parts Manual

This gorgeous 2-seat helicopter, with its Lamborghini-style doors, its unusual (for a small helicopter) intermeshing twin-rotor system and its overall brilliance, is unique in our experience; beyond what is presented in the photos, blueprints and specs, it remains very much of a mystery craft. Yet this blueprint set is among the most sophisticated and well-engineered that we have ever offered. The CW-105F is a true helicopter and will therefore take off and land vertically, hover and fly forward, backward and sideward. Its counterrotating dual rotor system cancels torque, eliminating the need for a tail rotor and allowing clean, sweeping body lines as can be seen in the photo. It has been designed to carry 2 people. This package consists of the huge set of blueprints, with 76 separate "Plans" (construction drawings), a complete Parts Manual, and photos. Every aspect of the CW-105F’s construction is detailed, including the rotor head and hub, the aluminum rotor blades, the control system, the airframe, engine mount, pilot/passenger compartment, exterior skin, and so on. All in all, this is our most extraordinary plans package.

Specifications of the CW-105F
Passengers: 2;  Length: 16.5';  Height: 7';  Width: 4';  Rotor system: twin, intermeshing, counterrotating;  Rotor dia (per set): 23';  Rotorblade chord: 6";  Empty weight: 520 lbs.;  Gross weight: 1,100+ lbs.;  Payload: 580+ lbs.;  Disc loading: 2.2 lbs/sf;  Engine: Lycoming O-235 to O-360;  Engine hp: 115 to 160 hp;  Speed (max): 75 mph;  Speed (cruise): 65 mph;  Service ceiling: 11,000';  Rate of climb: 900+ ft/min 

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