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The world's finest gyroplane rotorblades! Our line of carbon blades are designed for LSA/experimental and ultralight  gyroplanes. Our blades can be adapted to almost every gyroplane model. With our carbon blades, you get the highest production quality and, under normal operating conditions, a long service life! All blades are covered by polyurethane paints and gel coated. No comparable value exists in the industry!

- Completely formed of aviation-approved composite carbon fabrics and epoxy resins
- Enforced root (4 aluminium bushings)
- Aerodynamic root
- A long service life + a 5-year warranty
- Gel coated outer layer for blade protection
- Blades come fully factory balanced, with steel rods incorporated for chordwise and spanwise balance
- Color choice available for tip stripes: red, orange, blue (light or dark), green (light or dark), purple, black








ITEM Price* (USD)
• Set of 2 carbon-composite asymmetrical NACA 8H12 rotor blades (8.5" chord) with hub bar $4,300/set*
• Rotor head with pre-rotation system and rotor brake $3,000*
• Rotor head minus the pre-rotation system and rotor brake $2,584*
• Rotor head towers  (used with the RAF-2000, MTO Sport, Cavalon, Calidus and some other models) $960*

 *A final cost with crating and shipping will be quoted per order. Specify desired blade length.

Receive a 5% discount when you order 2 sets of rotor blades! 
Prices and designs subjecct to change without notice



• 100% composite carbon fiber
   Carbon composite fiber makes our blades light, durable and stiff. Plus, they are
    further protected with an outer gel coat.
• Maximum blade length 13.5 ft. (4.10 m)
   The maximum length of 13.5 ft. per blade can be shorter per your needs
• Choice of rotor diameter
    We can provide a rotor diameter for virtually every gyroplane
• Institute of Aviation certificates for blades and hub bar
    All blades were tested at the Institute of Aviation in Europe

• Chord: 8.5 in. (216 mm)
    The blade chord is 8.5 in. over the entire blade length
• Aluminum Hub Bar
    Our hub bar enables blade tracking and centering of the hub bar in the rotor head,
     plus blade-pitch adjustment
• Aviation certifiates for materials used
    All composite materials and resins used in our blades have aviation certificates
• Weight per blade at full length of 13.5 ft. (4.10 m)
    Each blade weighs only 36 lbs (16 kg), or about 2.7 lbs./ft.

All below dimension are in millimeters (1 mm = 0.0394 in. / 1 in. = 25.4 mm)


A couple of the many gyroplanes flying the carbon composite rotor blades


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We will contact you to confirm your cost and
to provide payment instructions. 

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       Prices and designs subject to change without notice

For more information, phone:
Sales:  410-668-2757
(3:00pm to 7:00pm east-coast U.S. time)

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