Our line of state-of-the-art coaxial-helicopter rotor blades are made of 100% composite carbon. They are characterized by superb quality and exceptionally low levels of noise and vibration. Additionally, they have a long service-life of at least 2500 hours (assuming, of course, they are not damaged by a blade-strike or other mishap). This significantly reduces operating costs.



Light weight!
   The blades are very light—an 8 ft. blade with 6 in. chord weighs only 15.2 lbs. (about 7

Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation
   The blade sets provide clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation as required by coaxial
   rotor systems.
100% carbon fiber
   The carbon fiber construction makes the blades very light, durable and stiff.
Maximum lengths available—up to 12.8 ft. ( 3.90 m)
   Up to the maximum, blade length can be adjusted according to what a design requires.
Adaptable root section
   The root sections mounting configuration can be customize to virtually any helicopter.

Chord 150 mm
    The blade chord is 150 mm over the entire blade length.
Geometrical twist of 6° (at max. length) available
    The twist increases efficiency by distributing blade load over the entire length.
Gel-coat outer layer
    The blades are covered with a protective gel coat and the tips can be painted almost
    any color (see below).
Leading edge protection
    The blade's leading edge is protected by a protective tape.
Institute of Aviation certificates for the blades
    The blades went through strict durability and stiffness tests, with aviation certificates for
    all materials and resins used in construction.

Co-Axial Helicopter Rotor Blades:  available styles and sizes + base prices

The airfoil profile for the experimental/ultralight helicopter rotorblades is NACA23012 (see below drawing).
The 23012 develops high lift and relatively low drag, yielding a high speed-range index value. Further, the pitching-moment coefficient is very small.

NACA23012 Airfoil Profile
Description Weight per foot of blade

Base Prices* per set of 4 blades

Each below set provides 2 blades for clockwise and 2 matched blades for counter-clockwise rotation
 • Coaxial Helicopter bladeset: 6" chord (150mm). Twist (max.): 6°. Max length up to 8 ft. (2.45m) 1.79 lbs. (0.81kg) $6,200 USD/Set of 4*
 • Coaxial Helicopter bladeset: 7" chord (180mm). Twist at 3.35m: 6°. Max length up to 11 ft. (3.35m) 2.0 lbs. (0.91kg) $15,350 USD/Set of 4*
 • Coaxial Helicopter bladeset: 8" chord (202mm). Twist: none. Max blade length: 12.8 ft. (3.90m) 2.06 lbs. (0.93kg) $15,350 USD/Set of 4*
   - Color choices available for tip stripes (please specify): red, orange, blue (light or dark), green (light or dark), purple, black
 *5% discount when ordering 2 sets (8 blades). Price may vary depending on features. A final price with crating and shipping will be quoted upon receiving your order form.
Prices subject to change without notice.


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