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VertiPod-2 Flying Platform
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A completely revolutionary one-of-a-kind aircraft:


VertiPod-2 FLYING PLATFORM—Ready to fly! Registered: N6172N. This outstanding and revolutionary aircraft (originally designated the PAM-100B) is completely unique and has been listed in Jane's All the World's Aircraft! The VertiPod-2 has a number of upgrades over the original PAM-100B. It is the result of applied innovative technology to enable anybody to have their own flying machine and to take off from and land in their backyard. It will carry up to 2 people (in tandem). The operator is located above the rotors of the craft so that the instinctive body movements can control the vehicle without requiring complicated and expensive helicopter-type controls. This aircraft is highly stable in flight. The aerodynamics associated with the counter-rotating blades result in a nose up moment when tilted and speed is gained. This characteristic is called positive speed stability and makes the PAM return to an upright position if left alone. It can soar above trees and houses and, while requiring practice and skill to master the control system, it really only requires skills equal to riding a motor bike. Control is obtained simply by shifting ones body weight. In excellent, like-new condition with a brand new airframe (bottom 3 photos). About 125 hours engine and flight time. Powered by twin Hirth F-30 engines of 105 hp each, a single engine will power the aircraft in the event one engine fails. Its twin counter-rotating rotors naturally cancel torque. The instrument panel includes engine temperature gauges for each cylinder, fuel gauge, engine speed, and hour-meter;l also, an annunciator tells the pilot via the headset when fuel is down to 1/4 tank. It comes with an extra set of rotorblades. Requires a basic private pilot's license for rotorcraft, or at least a student pilot's certificate. Manufacturer retains design and manufacturing rights to the VP2. Located in Indiana.  

Capacity: 1 or 2 people in tandem; empty weight: 660 lbs; rotors:  twin counter-rotating single piece extruded aluminum, 9.17' diameter, ground-adjustable pitch; engine type/hp: 2 Hirth F30s/105 hp x 2 = 210 hp total; transmission: twin 2.64:1 gearboxes, centrifugal and overrunning clutches + a central counter-rotating gearbox (either engine can drive both rotors and sustain flight if an engine fails); cruise speed: 45 mph; max. speed: 60 mph; fuel capacity: 7 gals.; maximum range: 25 miles; structure: high-energy absorbing aircraft aluminum tubing (designed to withstand high vertical speeds).

PRICE:  $149,900  (no trades)

Phone 410-668-2757 from 1pm-7pm EST weekdays, or leave message. To write us, please use the Form below.

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