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A twin-jet-powered aircraft:


Mi-2 helicopter

Mi-2 twin Turbine-powered helicopter, 1973 model. This helicopter has been used as an air ambulance for medical emergencies; it has also been used in Egypt and the Sudan in agricultural aviation. No helicopter other than the Mi-2 could have withstood that environment and the demanding work. The ambulance equipment will be included with the sale at no extra cost, along with paramedic training for air ambulance services. The helicopter has been serviced and maintained by PZL Swidnik (manufacturer) and is in excellent condition. It is located in Turkey. The helicopter will be delivered inspected and approved. Fully certified, with current annuals. Two instructor pilots are available with purchase, along with two highly experienced technicians. Continued support is available. Has leather seats for 6 people.

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General description of the Mi-2 helicopters:

The Mi-2 helicopter powered by two turbine engines was first manufactured in 1965. Until the end of the 1980s they sold over 5500 helicopters. The PZL-Kania helicopter is derived from the Mi-2 helicopter and made in Poland. The test flight of its prototype was performed in June, 1979.The standard passenger version of Mi-2 helicopter has seating for 1 pilot and 8 passengers. The interior can be quickly converted for transport of 700 kg of cargo. The range of the helicopter with external tanks, as standard, is 580km. This version is designed for transporting 2-4 casualties on stretchers and seating for medical attendants. It is equipped with stretchers, intensive care medical devices necessary during flight & other first aid equipment. Internal cargo carrier of loads up to 700 kg (1544 lb), or as a flying crane with cargo sling for loads up to 800kg (1764 lb). The helicopter is equipped in standard with a set of load tiedown rings, load securing ropes and nets, protecting the load from movement during flight. Electric hoists can be installed for lifting loads of up to 120 kg (276 lbs).

The Mi-2 found widespread fields of activity both with military, state and commercial operators. Besides transport of freight and passengers, the Mi-2 has also found work as ambulance, police and search-and-rescue helicopter. There are many Mi-2s still in service all around the CIS and in many of its former satellite states.

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Length: 39 ft/12 m; height: 12.3 ft/3.7 m; main rotor dia.: 47.7 ft/14.5 m; number of main rotorblades: 3; number of tail rotorblades: 2; engines: two Isotov GTD-350; (s)hp/engine: 425 x 2 = 850 hp; fuels: Jet-A1, JP-4, JP-8, T1, T2, TC1, T7, PT, PL-6; main fuel tank: 158 gals./600 lits.; additional fuel tanks: 62 gals. x 2 = 124 gals./238 lits. x 2 = 476 lits; empty weight: 5,295 lbs/2402 kg; max. weight: 7,827 lbs/3550 kg; useful load: 2,531 lbs/1148 kg; max speed: 130 mph/210 kmh; cruise speed: 118 mph/190 kmh; range: 360 miles/580 km; flight endurance 3 hours;  service ceiling (max): 13,000 ft/4000 m.  

PRICE: Only $285K

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