Introducing our exciting NEW LINE of outstanding rotorblades for your helicopter or gyroplane!

Our line of state-of-the-art blades are made of 100% carbon composite. They are characterized by superb production quality and exceptionally low levels of noise and vibration. Additionally, they have an unlimited service-life, which dramatically reduces operating costs.


Because our carbon-composite blades do not have a limited service life, they only need to be replaced if damaged by a blade-strike or other mishap. After a few years the blades can be sent to our manufacturer to be renewed and rebalanced so they can be enjoyed for several more years.


Our new line of carbon blades, including all aluminum blade-mounting elements, have gone through durability and stiffness tests at a European Institute of Aviation. The test results confirmed that these blades meet the highest standards for durability and reliability.

The leading edge of the helicopter blades is protected by a special M3 polyurethane tape—a system also used on large military helicopters. This protection allows flight in rain and harsh weather conditions without fear of damaging the paint. The tape is installed in a special pocket so that it does not change the aerodynamics .

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Standard Helicopter Rotor Blades

Coaxial Helicopter Rotor Blades

Robinson Rotor Blades (Experimental Category)

Gyroplane Rotor Sets &  Parts

Tail Rotor Blades

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