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G1 frame
G1 frame kit G1 kit

A complete airframe with wheels for the G1 ultralight helicopter. This frame conforms to the specs for the original G1 (not the scaled-up version). Included is the keel, the mast, the tailboom, brackets and assembly hardware, plus a seat with custom upholstery and the wheel option. Frame is new and ready for shipment. Also includes throttle shaft, foot rest and other tubing, tail-rotor hinge and center. No other items or parts are included. The selling price of $850 represents a savings of over $300 for the frame with above options if purchased from the Vortech Catalog.

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Length: 12 ft; height: 5.5 ft; width: 5.7 ft.; empty weight: 150 lbs; max. payload: 230 lbs;  gross weight: 430; speed (ultralight limit): 63 mph; cruise speed: 50 mph; rate of climb: 900 fpm; flight duration: 1 hour; max. altitude: about 10,000 ft.

PRICE: Only $850

Phone 410-668-2757 from 1pm-7pm EST weekdays, or leave message. To write us, please use the Form below.

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