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Tom Thumb Folding Scooter Plans
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Code: MW3109
Price: $20.00

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   BUILD the motor scooter that hitches a ride!


If you've seen recent news stories about future forms of transportation, you've likely heard that small motor scooters could well be the vehicle of choice. With their outstanding gas mileage, excellent maneuverability and immunity to traffic jams, the argument is persuasive.

Here is your chance to not only be at the leading edge of this movement, but to own a vehicle that links current and future transportation: our folding mini-scooter, the Tom Thumb.

Fun to ride—Easy to build!

Don't be fooled by its small size—the Tom Thumb is capable of speeds up to 45 mph (depending on engine choice) and can handle a variety of road conditions, including fairly steep gradients. It is easily made street-legal. But far more than a utility vehicle, the Tom Thumb is great fun to drive. Comfortably seated, you will have the eerie sense of being swept along the highway as if by the wind alone since the vehicle itself is nearly out of sight beneath you.

Typically, the Tom Thumb can be built at home for as little as $150 (minus the cost of the engine). It is an easy project, requiring just a basic home shop and standard tools. The small amount of welding can be performed quickly at a local metal shop. The Construcion Plans are fully detailed, with clear illustrations, dimensions, descriptions and a list of suppliers for everything needed to build this mini-scooter.

More about the Tom Thumb...

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