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Code Name Image Price    
XV7236b 10th Annual IRCHA Helicopter Jamboree (DVD) $24.95
XV7231c 2004 Extreme Flight Championships: Helicopters (DVD) $24.95
XV7231b 2003 Extreme Flight Championships: Helicopters (DVD) $24.95
MW3119 3 Affordable Boats You Can Build $24.95
XV7209-03 3D Masters 2003 (DVD) $14.95
XV7209-02 3D Masters 2002 (DVD) $14.95
MB6705 A Comprehensive Introduction To Model Helicopter Aerobatics $24.95
XV2024 Choppy Video $25.00
MB6760A Aeromodeller's Book of Essential Tips & Techniques $24.95
MB6760B Aeromodeller's Book of Essential Tips & Techniques, Vol. 2 $24.95
XP2141 Aeros Homebuilt Helicopter Plans $29.00
XCL015 American Combat Aircraft & Helicopters Of The Vietnam War $24.95
XV7221 An Intro. To RC Model Helicopters $19.95
MW3107 Automite Personal Car Plans + video $20.00
XM6150 Aviation Mechanic Handbook, 7th Edition $17.95
XP2060R B-19/20 Giro-Glider/Giro Kopter Plans $36.00
MB6761 Basic Aeronautics For Modellers, 2nd Edition $24.95
XB5002 Basic Helicopter Handbook $24.95
XV7213 Basic Scale Heli Manoeuvres $24.95
XP2048 Bensen B-8/B-8M Manuals & Blueprints $100.00
XB6312 Buying and Owning Your Own Airplane $24.99
XP2042A Commuter-IIA Plans $70.00
XV7523 Dreams Come True With Sophia J450   $19.95
MV7527 Fanfare Ducted Fans   $19.95
MV7526 Fantastic Ducted Fans   $19.95
MV7528 Fantasy - Ducted Fans   $19.95
XB6050 Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft $19.95
XB6340 Flying America's Weather $19.95
MB6740 Flying Models $19.95

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