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Ray's Authoritative Shop And Field Companion
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Code: MB6708B
Price: $49.95

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Ray's Authoritative DVD Series:
Shop and Field Companion

This is your complete Guide to successful flying for glow and electric helicopters!

Ray's book, originally titled "Ray's Complete Helicopter Manual," was first released in 1986. He was writing the "Hover" column for R/C Modeler magazine and took a compilation of articles he'd written since 1981 and formed the book. RCM published it as part of their "Anthology" series.

The book went through numerous revisions through the years. There was a second edition of Ray's Complete Helicopter Manual followed by a third. In 2001, Ray did an extensive re-write and re-named the book "Ray's Authoritative Helicopter Manual." Beginning in 2005, Ray produced a series of DVDs entitled Ray's Authoritative DVD Series; it is available in 4 Sets, comprising Volumes 1 through 9 (click here for details). The Shop And Field Companion goes hand-in-hand with that series and supplements the information in the DVDs.

The book features extensive new information on CCPM, electric helicopters and the new 2.4 GHz radios.

  • Covers theory, building, setup and flying

  • eCCPM & mCCPM are fully explained

  • Several ways provided to balance rotorheads

  • 264 pages with over 600 photos and 114 illustrations!

  • Widely considered the "Model Helicopter Bible" for the past 20 years.

  • This edition has been extensively revised to include eCCPM and electric heli information, along with all the latest tips and techniques.

  • The book is fully compatible with Ray's DVD series, and is meant to go hand-in-hand with it.

See Ray's DVD Series

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