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Ray's Authoritative DVD Series
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Code: XV7208A
Price: $50.00

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RAY'S AUTHORITATIVE DVD SERIES is the most influential helicopter DVD series you’ll ever see! It is the cumulation of 32 years of model helicopter experience. Every concept presented in these DVDs has been thoroughly evaluated and field tested. Whether you're a novice or an expert, there is simply no better way to build and set up a helicopter!

This DVD series makes helicopter setup and flight trimming as simple as it can be, answering all the “why” questions, then showing you the “how.” No matter what your level of experience, this DVD series explains the steps necessary to set up and flight trim your helicopter like an expert! As examples, the series uses JR’s 9303 radio and Thunder Tiger’s Raptor 50 Pro helicopter, but the information is totally applicable to any helicopter and any radio. Like Ray’s Authoritative Helicopter Manual, you are shown the theory, then its implementation through the examples. You will understand the “why” of helicopter setup, which can then be applied to set up ANY radio and ANY machine!

RAY'S AUTHORITATIVE DVD SERIES is contained in 4 sets:

SET 1, consisting of Volumes 1, 2 & 3. PRICE: $50

• VOLUME 1: Transmitter Theory and Setup (1 hr. 43 min.; 47 scenes)
This disk goes through every item in the transmitter menu. After an overview of theory for each menu item, the “armchair” settings are punched into the transmitter. These are the points, curves, and program mixes that can be programmed before you ever work with the helicopter.
• VOLUME 2: Helicopter Bench Setup (1 hr. 7 min.; 26 scenes)
We fine-tune the linkage lengths, set the servo endpoints, and set up the cyclic, collective pitch, throttle, and gyro.
• VOLUME 3: Helicopter Flight Trimming (55 min.; 26 scenes)
In three tanks of fuel, we take a helicopter that’s never been flown and go through all the trimming steps necessary to make it a finely tuned 3D machine! The limits will be your flying skill, not the helicopter’s flight capability!

SET 2, consisting of Volumes 4 & 5. PRICE: $35 (check above box to include this Set with order)

• VOLUME 4: Flight Theory, Engine Break-In, and Tools (1 hr. 13 min.; 21 scenes)
This disk starts with basic flight theory. Learn how collective pitch, cyclic pitch, and the tail rotor control the helicopter’s flight. Advanced theory shows you how to obtain perfect mixture no matter if the engine is cold or hot! Finally, we’ll look at the tools needed to build a helicopter and the field equipment needed to get it flying.
• VOLUME 5: Building the Helicopter (1 hr. 42 min.; 26 scenes)
Not merely a step-by-step instruction manual, ‘Building the Helicopter’ goes into the ‘tender loving care’ steps that separate an average-built helicopter from a perfectly-built machine.

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SET 3, consisting of Volume 6. PRICE: $25 (check above box to include this Set with order)

VOLUME 6: ROTOR BLADE BUILDING & BALANCING (1 hr. 45 min.: 25 scenes) includes:
This disk starts with the core concepts of balance, and outlines four different balancing procedures. With the theory in hand, various places for error in the rotor head are discussed, and different types of corrective weight are shown. Then it’s on to building a perfect set of wooden rotor blades (for beginners), and balancing them to a high degree of precision with little more than common drinking glasses! The balance of the DVD features Carbon Fiber rotor blades (for intermediate/advanced pilots), and three other balancing methods. These use Du-Bro’s Tru-Spin balance, and gradually increase the degree of sophistication, culminating with an Ohuas gram scale and Miniature Aircraft’s Koll Rotor Pro. With the various balancing methods complete, that information is applied to the main rotor balance of a small electric helicopter. Finally, the DVD finishes by showing how to balance all types of tail rotors.

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SET 4, consisting of Volumes 7, 8 & 9. PRICE: $50 (check above box to include this Set with order)

• VOLUME 7: Electric Theory and Build (1 hr. 28 min.; 21 scenes)
This disk starts with a quick look at the Blade CX2 and CP Pro, then dives right into basic electric heli theory. Understand ESC operation, KV ratings and gear ratios, then learn how to solder. From there it’s on to Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery theory, care, and charging. V7 finishes up with numerous tips on how to build a perfect T-Rex 450S!
VOLUME 8: Transmitter Theory (1 hr. 45 min.; 50 scenes)
Learn every menu item in not one, but two transmitters! The Spektrum DX6 and DX7 2.4 GHz radios have revolutionized the places where we can fly! Find out every feature these radios have to offer, and how they work with eCCPM (electronic Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing) helicopters.
• VOLUME 9: Bench Setup and Flying (1 hr. 47 min.; 41 scenes)
With the theory in hand from Volume 8, we apply it as we set up an eCCPM helicopter. While we use the T-Rex for the setup, the information is totally applicable to eCCPM glow helicopters as well. With the setup complete, we go to the field and trim out the T-Rex, all the while marveling at the quietness and smoothness of this electric helicopter!

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See Ray's companion manual to this DVD series...

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