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Kit Airplane Construction
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Code: XB6045
Price: $39.95

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Kit Airplane Construction—3rd edition

Featuring new and classic kitplane designs, this bestseller shows you how to choose, build, and fly a homebuilt plane. Kitplanes magazine calls this book "required reading for anyone thinking about building an airplane."

More than a how-to, Kit Airplane Construction is also a why-to. In this unbiased look at every aspect of the kitplane process, award-winning aviation writer Ron Wanttaja covers everything from cost comparisons with certified used aircraft to drilling all those holes for the rivets.

Expert, easy-to-understand instructions help you construct your chosen kitplane type: tubing and fabric, wood, traditional sheet metal, or leading-edge composites. Case studies confer the benefit of others' experiences in purchasing and building a variety of kitplanes. You'll find state-of-the-art kitplane designs; high-quality illustrations; current prices and costs associated with shipping kits; expanded information on financing options; highlights of the auto-engine debate; and quality control features to add confidence to workmanship. Fully illustrated, paperback, 467 pages

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