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The Student Pilot's Flight Manual: 9th Edition
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Code: XM6320
Price: $39.99

Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
The Student Pilot's Flight Manual: 9th Edition
by William K. Kershner

A classic for beginning aviators, this book provides step-by-step ground and flight information for student pilots working toward private certification. Kershner's authorative volume presents a wealth of practical information while encouraging decision making by students. The ninth edition is fully revised and updated and includes an appendix on engines and other systems. Seven color maps round out this updated edition. Student pilots and instructors will benefit from the syllabus that is included for the first time in the ninth edition. This book is a must for any person learning to fly. Fully illustrated. 440 pages $39.99

"Since I first began taking flying lessons, I have used William Kershner's wonderful Flight Manuals - from his "Student Pilot's Flight Manual" to his "Flight Instructor's Manual." I love the way Mr. Kershner makes fun and interesting reading of sometimes dry subjects. His books are easy and fun to read and filled with all of the best information! I continue to recommend his books to anyone learning to fly, and have bought quite of few of them over the years to give to aspiring pilots. I cannot think of any other books on aviation that I would recommend more highly than William Kershner's Flight Manuals." —Patty Wagstaff, 2004 Inductee, National Aviation Hall of Fame

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