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Bensen B-8/B-8M Manuals & Blueprints
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: XP2048
Price: $100.00

Shipping Weight: 2.91 pounds
Check box to add the Joystick construction print to your order ($12 extra)
The B-8/B-8M Gyro-Glider/Gyro-Copter
Manuals & Blueprints

Bensen Aircraft

Vortech has available the full package of Bensen B-8(M) detailed construction & flight manuals, blueprints and parts lists. Includes 2 manuals—one each for the B-8 and B-8M—10 large-size prints and several pages listing the original parts. About 60 pgs. per 8˝" X 11" manual. ALSO AVAILABLE: the Joystick Construction Print: only $12 extra (this is an 11th large-size print added to the set).

NOTE: The Bensen B-8/B-8M manuals & prints are intended for those who own a B-8 or B-8M and need these printed materials; they are not intended for those who want to build a gyroplane from scratch since technical support is no longer available.

Some background about the Bensen Gyros...

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