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A Comprehensive Introduction To Model Helicopter Aerobatics
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Code: MB6705
Price: $24.95

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A Comprehensive Introduction
To Model Helicopter Aerobatics
by Russ Deakin

This book has been written with the specific aim of taking a flyer from their first circuits to performing a full schedule of aerobatics. No matter whether the aim to is specialise in F.A.I, Scale, 3-D aerobatics, or simply to excel in general sport flying, this book will prove invaluable to releasing your full flying potential. Using his extensive personal experience, Russ Deakin sets out the standard of equipment you need; how to select and maintain a model; explanations of many of the mysteries surrounding advanced radio systems and gyros; and how to set up both the model and engine. From this you are taken on a step-by-step journey, starting with the more basic flying techniques before progressing to flying circuits, then nose-in and advanced hovering manoeuvres. Finally, you are taken into the incredibly exciting world of model helicopter aerobatics, including how to perform safe autorotations. 120 pages, many photos.

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