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Choppy Helicopter Plans
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Choppy Helicopter Construction Manual

The Adams-Wilson "Choppy" single-seat helicopter is undoubtedly the best known and most popular homebuilt helicopter ever developed. Also known as the Flying Triumph or Hobbycopter, this design was the inspiration for a number of other successful homebuilts, including the A/W-95 and the Scorpion-I. The large, 11" X 17" Construction Manual provides full details for building this affordable aircraft.

2 FREE BONUSES: Your order includes, free, The Homebuilt Helicopter Guidebook and the Vortech full-color Catalog!

More about the Choppy...

CONFIGURATION: Single seat. Two-bladed single main rotor. Anti-torque tail rotor. Bolted aluminum-tube airframe. CONTROL: Main rotor: full cyclic and collective pitch, incorporating a swash plate system. Maximum registered control forces: cyclic 1 lb., collective 5 lbs., rudder 5 lbs. Tail rotor pitch: bellcrank operated. Autorotation accomplished by manual-disengagement lever at cyclic stick. POWER PLANT (Prototype): Triumph motorcycle engine rated at 52 hp., 650 cc., vertical twin cylinder O.H.V., magneto ignition, dry sump lubrication, kick lever starting, fuel 100 octane, fuel consumption approximately 4.2 gals. (U.S.) per hour at sea level. Virtually any aircraft, motorcycle, marine, etc. engine of 450 c.c. to 1100 c.c., or 45 hp. or more may be substituted.

Order Option:   Choppy DVD Video: only $12 Extra when ordered with the Choppy Plans (indicate above)

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