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Scorpion-I One-Seat Helicopter Plans
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Code: XF2032
Price: $95.00

Shipping Weight: 2.20 pounds

The Scorpion-I Helicopter
Construction Blueprints & Manuals

One of the pioneering homebuilt designs, this delightful craft never lost its popularity as can be seen from the number that turn up at airshows and in magazine articles. These are the original construction prints & manuals. Package consists of 7 individual blueprints, the Construction Manual and the Set-Up & Flight Manual for the original single-seat Scorpion.

Specifications of the Scorpion I
Passengers: 1;  Length: 17';  Height: 6';  Width (cab): 2';  Rotor dia: 19';  Empty weight: 375 lbs.;  Gross weight: 700+ lbs.;  Payload: 425+ lbs.;  Disc loading: 2.2 lbs/sf;  Engine hp: 85 to 115 hp;  Range: 160 miles;  Speed (max): 95 mph;  Speed (cruise): 65 mph;  Service ceiling: 12,000';  Rate of climb: 900 ft/min 

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