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G1 and Kestrel Manuals
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Code: XPH2004
Price: $28.95

Shipping Weight: 1.40 pounds
Add the Helicopter Experimenter's Handbook to order? Only $5 extra (check box)

The G-1 Ultralight Helicopter
The Kestrel Jet Helicopter
Construction Manuals: combo special!

This package includes:  •the G1 plans  •the Kestrel plans  •the Vortech Catalog
Order Option:  •The Helicopter Experimenter's Handbook: a valuable reference guide for the helicopter and gyroplane hobbyist. Includes: helicopter and gyroplane basics, rotorblade & hub design; various homebuilts; materials; suppliers; glossary; etc. (only $5 extra—check box above)

The G-1 is likely the world's simplest, least expensive and most popular homebuilt helicopter. It is also tiny and extremely portable. The Construction Manual provides technical drawings, with parts and materials lists, for building the Compcop G-1 in a home workshop. The components can be built at home, including the rotor blades. The G-1 qualifies as an ultralight and can be flown without a license. (NOTE: For those seeking a more practical and more sophisticated homebuilt helicopter, please see the Vortech plans for the A/W-95, Aeros, Choppy, Skylark, Scorpion or HRH helicopters. The G-1’s control system is minimal; also, this craft will not autorotate.)

The Kestrel is a single-seat ultralight helicopter powered by small jet engines mounted on the tips of the rotorblades. This form of power eliminates the need for a tail rotor, simplifying and reducing the cost of construction.

Features of both the G-1 and Kestrel:
Low-cost construction  • Carries one person  •Takes off and lands vertically  • Flies forward,
backward, sideward, & hovers  
• Requires no license (ultralight)
 • Can be stored anywhere

More about the G-1...

More about the Kestrel...

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